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31 Aug

Be sure to check out the youtube vid in the pic. Scooby Doo crew singing a song about how it’s a pirates life for them. I love the internet.

Also, spring is finally being sprung down here. Hooray! Time to break out the thongs and shorts, maybe get a haircut too.
Also it means that Talk Like A Pirate Day is right around the corner! Harle!
I will be celebrating it here on my blog with a whole week of piratical posts! Probably end up posting more than once a day too because I’ve been saving up every amusing pirate joke I think up since about march. Also there will be some educating into piratecore culture for the less entrenched. Should be good.
In the real world of course I shall be celebrating with alcohol and making a fool of myself in public. Harle!
Till next thyme!



Take the Plunge

30 Aug

Don’t you all just love the combination of puns and plumbing?

Hooray for not being sick anymore! I still have a bad cough and I’m still leaving a trail of mucus wherever I go, but apart from resembling a rather loud snail, I’m fine. Which is good.
Field trip this weekend! Lets go look at fossils on the coast! I hope the weather will be good.


CLAM! and Abbott is gone

29 Aug

Ok, I am allowed to be slack because I am sick.
The above is a reference to one of my friends mistaking “others” for “otters” in the seats won in the house of representatives during the election coverage. Silly girl, when will she learn. Sea mammals don’t like Abbott very much, his speedo confuses and enrages them.
I have a cool idea for the next sbs post, which is good because I haven’t done one in ages and they are fun. I am also very sick though, it is the worst, so I have been doing a whole lot of laying around feeling sorry for myself. It’s probably just the plague so I should be better in a few days. Next sunday then. -fingers crossed-

EDIT – damn technical difficulties. The gif is working now though, hooray!


Descent of Shrew

27 Aug

I wanted to do a descent of many joke, then I started thinking about early mammals which were little shrew like creatures, and shrews are still little shrew like creatures. It’s not that funny, but I’m still not feeling well and this was a pretty easy one to do and I was sick of studying. Makes my head hurt.
Also have zoo tycoon 2 running in the background too. Just lots of tapirs running rampant. Tapirs are cool, no matter what Hanners thinks.
Yes, QC is the most awesome.


Colouring Competition August 2010: Look Ma, No Hands

26 Aug

That’s right kids, I’m naive enough to make have another crack at putting up another colouring competition despite the fact the last one was a complete flop with a total of zero entries.
This one though, has somewhat of a twist. You see, as the title suggests, I didn’t use my hands to draw the
picture below which you will all (hopefully) be colouring in. I know, I’m just that good.
The twist is, however that all entries must be coloured in with your non-dominant hand. That means left hand for righted handed people and vice versa. No cheating. If I suspect it of looking too nice and proper, then it won’t be counted.
Also, double points if you colour it in without using your hands and have evidence of doing so.

Click on the picture to get a larger version.

You can tell that I drew it with my face, can’t you.
Also, entries must be coloured in using pencils or textas or crayons or whatever. Colouring in using no hands on a computer would be too easy.
So print it off, colour it in, scan it and email it, as always, to Or if you can get it contact with me in person, then just hand your submission to me in person and I can scan it if it’s a winner.
Entries will close, hrmmm, on the 23rd of september. That gives you a whole month.



25 Aug

Hey guys! I was going to post a new COLOURING COMPETITION tonight, but I am le tired as they say in frenchland. So here, have Adrien Brody instead.

Click the picture to get to teh youtubez.

You’ll never be able to take another Adrien Brody movie seriously ever again.
Oh also an owl playing ultimate frisbee. I am ashamed for not thinking of this.


I Incy-Wincy You

23 Aug

You know the heart thing that you make with your fingers? One of my friends was trying do that and failed, and inadvertently started doing the incy wincy spider actions. They may or may not have been a little marinated. I found it amusing, and wanted to make another gif, because they are fun.

Hope all your weeks shape up well!



21 Aug

Yeah, I was going to do this joke with the scene about the stinking badgers in Blazing Saddles, but then I found out that it’s a reference to the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Which had Humphrey Bogart, so I reckon it must be pretty good. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, is a black and white film by the way, explaining the black and whiteness of the comic.

Today was election day in Australia, but I voted earlier this week. I’m cool like that.

Now I’m gonna bitch about trying to do uni work last night. Feel free to skip to the end.
For one of my courses I have to find a research paper that contained original, hypothesis testing research that was published this year, in Australia, about an Australian Vertabrate. After looking around for about five minutes, I find a paper on “Consequences of southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius, L.) gut passage and deposition pattern on the germination of rainforest seeds”, which is right up my alley. After reading it though, I realised that it was a lot more on the plants than the birds and thought that maybe I should keep looking for something else that may be more relevant. I looked for another, maybe hour and a half. I COULDN’T FIND A SINGLE ONE THAT I LIKE THAT FITTED ALL THE CRITERIA. It made me mad. Sigh.

Have a good weekend.


Well Read Herring

20 Aug

Faust, that counts as being well read right?
You know nautilus’s right? Those ammonitey looking things? Apparently they have 94 tentacles. We were doing cephalopods in marine paleontology today, and our lecturer was talking about the extant ones and mentioned that nautilus’s have 94 tentacles. That just seems like a ridiculous amount of tentacles, more than you could ever need. Its more than order of magnitude greater than the amount octopuses have. Blows my mind.
I think I might start referring to them as 94opuses now.



19 Aug

Hooray for lazy colouring!
One of my roommates had a nightmare the other day that contained a fractalligator. Each of the alligators legs were more alligators, attached to the first by their tails, and each of those alligators legs were more alligators and so on. Apparently there were lots of teeth.
My weird feeling a bit off has turned into a proper cold. Urgh.
Wore my new pirate shirt that I mention I got yesterday to uni today, it was pretty awesome. Puffy sleeves are puffy and full of win.


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