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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Deathly Hallows

22 May

But wait, it gets funnier because ron is spanish for rum. Multifaceted humour funtimes!
Wait… I think that makes it a pun…




20 Dec

Geddit? It’s a hippogriff that’s a hipster!
Not my idea unfortunately. I’m too tired to be funny after work. Oh woe is me. Bah.
I don’t think I’ll be able to stick to my pledge of posting every day till the end of december, not like any of you suckers care anyway.
Also behind on my shirt designs and t&t as well though, which I really need to get on top off. Oh well.


Mosques are pretty cool

7 Dec

Oldie but a goodie. Also, probably as close as you’re going to get to religious commentary on here.
Looking forward to going to see Rapskallion tonight and tomorrow night. Listening to their album on loop to psyche up for it.
See you tomorrow.


European Unions Cordage

30 Nov

Yay puns.
Also I figured out a good simile.
It’s like being a poet that has spent all his life carving in stone being given a fountain pen.
It feels nice.


Grand Opening

15 Nov

Yay pokepun! Gold Silver really had the weirdest starters. I’m still not sure what Chikorita was supposed to be.
Remember to hit those share buttons!


More than Meets the Eye

15 Nov

The way to tell them apart is that the twinning striations on the plagioclase feldspars. I know geology too yo.
Now I have somewhere to live next year! Harle! I love being unhomeless. Big shout out to Pushing the Envelope for that.
I don’t know who would lead the Terraformers, maybe Optimus Geologicaltime? Bit of a long bow.
That’s all for now.


Tentacled Spectre

11 Nov

See what I did there? I celebrated being finished exams with a pun.
Puns are momentous.
One of the things on my to do list for tomorrow is to read a book in the sun. Also get a lot of work done for Thyme and Tide. That’s right, that thing. Yeah. Foreboding.


Super Orbital Taurus

23 Oct

It’s funny because it’s a bull with superpowers with a gravitationally curved path around the earth and a ridge of bone above the eye socket.

Its a Super Orbital Taurus with a pronounced Supraorbital Torus.

Yeah, I’m good at funny.



13 Oct



Steady. Aim.

28 Sep


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