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Looking for some tailfluke?

29 Apr

Its a merpimp. He pimps out mermaids.
Also there is graffiti under a bridge in the middle of Lake Burley Elephant that says “Meet me here for a good time”
The only way you can get there is to swim or by boat, just sayin.



Actually a Knifefish

27 Apr



Speculative Biology Sunday: Gympie Crab

25 Apr

Birgus hortusportens – Gympie Crab

The Gympie Crab was actually created for a competition being held on the speculative evolution forum which I regularly partake in since I started doing these. The competition in question to create the best symbiosis between two organisms. Instead of going for the beyond clichéd plant-feeds-animal, animal-protects-plant, I thought I would do a little bit of role-reversal.

The gympie crabs modern ancestor, the coconut crab, is a terrestrial hermit crab (but carries no shell as adults) which is the largest land arthropod in the world living in tropical islands of the world, mostly in the pacific. Human populations on the islands which they live throughout the world have significant negative effects on the crabs due to habitat loss and predation from people, rats and pigs. The Gympie Gympie which the Gympie crabs carry are completely identical genetically to modern Gympie Gympie, except for a slight founder effect meaning that they are generally smaller and reproduce earlier in their life history. It is a shrub native growing one to two metres tall and native to Australasia. The plants are covered with silica tipped hairs filled with powerful toxins, which commonly kills dogs and horses, and has claimed at least one human life.

At some point in the 21st century Gympie Gympie was accidentally introduced to a large pacific island inhabited by coconut crabs and humans and a mutualistic symbiosis evolved between the crab and the plant. The crab receives protection against predators as its thick exoskeleton protects it from the stinging hairs, shade allowing it to forage in the open during the day, and fruit when the plant produces it. The plant gains from this relationship because plants are always taken from shaded positions where the crab can hide while changing over his dirtball and give the plant plenty of time out in full sun where it can prosper and is also fed and watered by the excrement of the crab, and the seeds of any one plant are distributed over a wider area than if it was growing in the ground.

The crabs hold a ball of dirt between its abdomen and its cephalothorax where the roots of the plant grow, and the stem grows upwards out from the side of the crabs body. Should the shrub grow too tall the crabs will drop the plant and either harvest a new one or tear the top of the plant off, encouraging more lateral growth which is better for the crab.

The Gympie Crab as a seperate species from Coconut Crab is hotly contested as they seem to be able to produce viable hybrids. However most of the areas where Gympie Crabs are found, Coconut Crabs are not, as they have been preferentially preyed upon to the point of extinction of the ancestral form. It has also been reported that Gympie Crabs will preferentially breed with other Gympie Crabs, reinforcing the behaviour in their offspring.


Building Hype

24 Apr

building hype
Originally I was planning on having this image looking all properly done like my banner is and put on my about page with the text “What are you doing?” “I’m building hype for my blog! Leave me alone, you wouldn’t understand”
I thought it was funny. Tried to make the actual contraption as odd and pointless looking as I could, hopefully it comes across well enough.


Gangster Ostrich

23 Apr

I don’t think there was a joke to go with this one. It was just a sneaky looking ostrich who is obviously up to no good. And obviously working for Al Capone or something. I guess his name would be Legs.
Keep an eye of for Speculative Biology Sunday this week. I am quite proud of it, should be a good one.


He likes fire

22 Apr

Dedicated to Mr Woolfenden!
Yeah, more IMAGEDUMP WEEK fun. Pretty much anything that is not finished but I can trick you into thinking its finished. I coloured this in using gimp in about three minutes. Hope you’re having a good week all! Had a new idea for Speculative Biology Sunday that I am quite happy with.



21 Apr

Yeah, so I have a new sketchbook and an old sketchbook. Haven’t really put anything spectacular into the new one yet.
So this next week shall be IMAGEDUMP WEEK!!! The week starts on a wednesday right? Not much more I’m gonna write here, because I have to go do some real work for uni.


Learning Scribbles II

15 Apr

I just realised that I had this sitting on my laptop ready to be posted for quite a while now. Hooray! I’ll have to get my arse into gear and start posting more often again. Bought a new sketchbook for drawing my posts in today, and by some ungodly mistake I accidentally bought a lined one. Oh well, tough bananas guys, you’ll just have to deal with it.


Flintlocked Nerf

11 Apr

And now for something from the real world that is a little more substantial than pictures in a book.
I flintlocked my maverick! Hooray! I think I did a pretty good job on my first try.
Hopefully I haven’t lost any of the fiddly little inside bits that make it work good thou, ah well.
I’ll probably update the photos when I get my hands on a better camera than the one that’s embedded in my phone, and when I put the wood effects that I plan on adding as well. Which should make it a little more hvz legal if it isn’t enough already. Ah well, its still an awesome prop if it isn’t legal. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Yeah, I put it back together today. It doesn’t work.


Free Red Box

10 Apr

Well one of the most anticipated PirateCore albums of recent times has finally been released, but not only released, but it has been released as a download completely free of any need for monetary exchange. Clearly the best way to release music. Its a pretty great album, definately worth looking into if you dig the whole piracy thing. Also has the first Pastafarian hymn that I have ever come across. Hope you like it as much as I do.


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