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Soul Keychain

30 Nov
Soul Keychain

metaphysical entities are all the rage in the trinket industry these days

Traditionally I draw souls in jars, but I made a special exception today, just for you guys.

I was a bystander in an argument recently, someone was being accused of not having a soul. He rebutted something along the lines of “Hey! I have a soul, I just don’t keep it on my person at all time!”
Helpful as ever, I offered “Keeps it on his keychain” and it was greatly appreciated.

Wish the scanner would be nicer to the purty colours. I’ll have a talk to it tomorrow, see if I can get it to play nice. Looks better in my sketchbook, I promise.


Bubbletap, In the Library, With the Wrench

29 Nov

Bubbletap, In the Library, With the WrenchNo one ever suspects the pluming…

Why can’t the same old same old spice itself up occasionally. Gets boring after a while, it needs some new stuff.
Man, you have no idea how much this picture ticked me off. That friggin bookcase was such a pain in the arse to draw, and the perspective on it STILL looks all weird and eschery
I’m starting to think that the scanner has it in for even shading as well, not much I can do about that thou. Why do these things always look better on paper?
Can’t wait to go back to work. Hopefully tomorrow. Doing nothing all day gets old REALLY quickly.
Hopefully the weather will clear up so I don’t have to work in the rain, but I doubt it will.
Ah well, till next time.

Thank You For Your Time


28 Nov
Stranded on an Elephant

Don't think he'll be getting a message in a bottle any time soon

Why is it that everytime I travel from one place to another, the weather freaks out?
Musn’t be able to handle the expansive changes of the location of the WeatherFist, or something like that.
I might have to do a post about that…
Thank You For Your Thyme

Drink Cactus Juice!

25 Nov
Drink Cactus Juice

WARNING: may cause hallucination and hilarity

I do apologize, as this is a blatant “Avatar: The Last Airbender” reference.
For those of you not priviledged enough to have seen it, here is some youtubeducation:
Don’t get used to me posting this often either all you out there in the ether, I just have nothing better to do with my time at the moment.
Thank You For Your Thyme!

Got a Longneck in the Fridge?

24 Nov
Longneck in the Fridge

Someone call a paleontologist! Tell him to bring more beer!


22 Nov

There was a blog here 5 minutes ago. You just missed it, I swear!

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