31 Aug

Be sure to check out the youtube vid in the pic. Scooby Doo crew singing a song about how it’s a pirates life for them. I love the internet.

Also, spring is finally being sprung down here. Hooray! Time to break out the thongs and shorts, maybe get a haircut too.
Also it means that Talk Like A Pirate Day is right around the corner! Harle!
I will be celebrating it here on my blog with a whole week of piratical posts! Probably end up posting more than once a day too because I’ve been saving up every amusing pirate joke I think up since about march. Also there will be some educating into piratecore culture for the less entrenched. Should be good.
In the real world of course I shall be celebrating with alcohol and making a fool of myself in public. Harle!
Till next thyme!



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