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Irritator challengeri

22 Mar

Dinosaurs are cool.
Some have cool names, like Bambiraptor or Irritator or Dracorex.
Some have stupid names, like Erectopus. What the fark french people?

EDIT: Also there is/was a metal, phsychedelic rock band named Erectopus from the city in which I currently reside. Does that make us worse than the french?



Definitely NOT Dinosaurs

19 Mar

In a world where the layman thinks than any cool extinct reptile must inherently be a dinosaur, one shirt rises above the ignorance to bring hope those who have a pet peeve for this kind of ignorance. This is that shirt.

People are Capable of Stuff

11 Mar


No Incepting

10 Mar

The Academy is a wonderful place.
Suitable for the door?


We’re All Thinking It

6 Mar



6 Mar

So I went to a library at uni to scan some sketches that I’ve done.
I was planning on posting them on deviant art and spending the rest of the night lining and colouring them.
So I get to the computers with the scanners, and this is what happened.

Joseph Bendict, the scanners in your library suck.


In a Little Red Can

5 Mar

I found Almduddler.
Aus Naturlichen Alpenkrautern, my friends.
Do I really need to say any more?

Oh wait, yeah. Two delis in the Belconnen food markets sell it. Not one, but TWO. I know right!
You’re welcome. Enjoy responsibly.

p.s. tastes like nostalgia



3 Mar

I think portals are a pretty cool guy.
I would send one end past a black hole and not afraid of any relativistic effects.



1 Mar

Because I can.


3CH #1

1 Mar

March 1st:
“a menacant woman with glowing eyes leaps on a chameleon in front of a mirror”

So yeah, something to “reinvigorate my battling” as it were. Also a good warm-up to do before getting to working on my current project, and a good exercise in not being such a perfectionist. Just scribble on it, that’ll do.

Man, I really feel sorry for that chameleon…


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