Mango Trypping

Mango Trypping is a collaborative project between this here blog of mine and the author of the winsome Widely Regarded as a Bad Move.
For the most part, she does the words and then I draw from them and then she colours them in. Back when we started this here venture I was still doing everything with coloured pencil and it was somewhat of a bother, and she needed time to fill and enjoyed colouring in.

Back after imaginary demand after a long hiatus, we are finally going to finish this bad boy. Unfortunately I have change the format of my here picture fun blog. It won’t allow me any more than one image per post unfortunately, so each image shall be buried in a link for your viewing pleasure. Or alternatively you can click on that chapters subtitle, which will take you to the same thing on Widely Regarded as a Bad Move where there are no problems with multiple images and it looks much more nice and natural. She doesn’t have a pretty banner especially for Mango Trypping though, heh heh heh.

– The Preface
– Chapter One
– Chapter Two
– Chapter Three
– Chapter Four
– Chapter Five
– Chapter Six



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