Something vague and somewhat surreal (if it was taken out of context) and my imagination flares up. There in my mind is a perfectly rendered image of something just plain weird, brought into existance by a throw-away quip.
I get these all the time. Sometimes I’ll tell who I’m with what they are. Mostly I keep them too myselves.
Herein lies the problem.
I feel like I’ve been wasting them.
What you are reading, is the solution.
This here blog is where I shall publish my illistrated figmental flashes for all the world to see. Likely as not it will end up riddled with puns and in-jokes as well, but that will just make it more humourous for the rest of you, whether you get them or not.
So for now, enjoy your day, I hope I see you in the future and
Thank You For Your Thyme.

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