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31 Mar
tongue brain

You can't see it very well, but thats actually a brain in the back of that tongue.


Fat deposits that were attacted to the kidneys of our dissecting toad, in His image.

Yeah, that an enourmous fly on a whiteboard.

Field Trip! We're totally going to this amazing white beach in the name of science...




30 Mar

"Good afternoon, this is your captain speaking. My name is Patrick. Your cabin crew today are Leo, Simba and Elsa, who will be ready to eat you if you need anything during the flight."

The “LOL” written on the emergency is actually based on a true story. I was sitting next to the emergency exit door on a Q400 (i think) a small plane, about a 50 seater, propellors and everything, it was heaps cool. Anyway, the emergency exit door had “LoL” written on it in big red letters. Not grafitti or anything, stuck on with the same stuff that “emergency exit” was. It was great.
I was on the port side of the plane and the starboard emergency exit door had “LoR” written on it. For those of you playing at home.

This was actually inspired last year, and has been sitting in my sketchbook for a while. I’ve actually run out of pages in forementioned book. I’ll try and get some of the ones that I had previously given up on before I purchase a new one.
Also, you can follow me on twitter now to get the lastest updates on posts and random thoughts and ideas that probably won’t make it on here.


Petroleum Spirits

28 Mar

Completely forgot earth hour. Oh well.

Snape Kraken Pop!

26 Mar

I have weird friends and I love them all. But not the people who aren’t my friends, I don’t like them at all. It works out pretty well.
How are you guys going? I hope you are all doing well. Thank you, have a good weekend.


Phailtastic Photographica

24 Mar

Yeah, I have a heap of assessment at the moment which sadly takes priority over drawing silly pictures. I’m also sick so I can’t come up with any pictures to do anyway.

So here’s some old phailtastic photos to keep you amused.


Speculative Biology Sunday: Goliath Venom-Shrew

21 Mar

I was once told at a snake handling show that “the inland taipan has venom so potent that one drop could kill two Indian elephants or a mother-in-law.”
I was rather taken aback by this statement. There is a lot of meat on a …pair of elephants, and it is quite a shame that such a snake would never be able to fully appreciate the full potency of its deathly gift.

Then recently I stumbled on a Wikipedia article that made my imagination flare and sputter like a deep fryer. Venomous Mammals.

Out of the six species of venomous mammal in the world, I considered the Northern Short-tailed shrew to be the most promising, and got to work.

As always, add a couple of million years with some favourable conditions just the right selective pressures, and you get something quite interesting.


A tried and tested method of avoiding predators is to be too big. Sauropods, Elephants, Indricotheres, Megatherium, the list goes on. But now there is nolarge to hide.

Apex predator in its environment, the Goliath Venom-Shrew is probably the smallest predator of megafauna in earths history. Often hunting the largest herbivores in its environment, but will often take whatever it can get. A sit and wait predator, with explosive and swift hunts. It will wait at game trails or near watering holes wait for prey items to approach before exploding out the undergrowth and latching on with claws and teeth, but only ever long enough to let the venom seep into the wound from the lower incisors.

Anyone watching would then think that the Venom-Shrew was then deterred by the prey item clearly too large, too fast, and too strong to be brought down by such an ugly rat-like beast. The shrew lets go. The prey runs off, and the shrew does a very good job of looking rather disheartened and forlorn. The shrew goes and gets a drink, or sits in the shade for a while. After about an hour or so the shrew goes back to it where it lost its next meal and starts sniffing around, picks up the trail of the beast and meanders along until it finds “the one that got away”. Brought down by a slow acting venom, but nonetheless potent. He then proceeds to eat his fill from the more than substantial carcass. Having much more than it could possibly have needed it then gives a shoutout to whoever cares to listen. But who comes, is a plethora of other Venom-Shrews.

Altruism is a big part of how these animals get by. Successful hunts don’t happen as often as you think they would and can go a long time before they can get a proper kill. And when a kill does happen then the individual has much more than they need. So an altruistic response forms.

Being such a small animal though, more impressive carnivores would often think they might want to make a meal of this unimpressive twitchy little animal. Like many other animals with a dangerous bite or toxic skin, Venom-Shrews actively display how dangerous they really are. However being brightly coloured and conspicuous makes it hard to sneak up on food. So, quite fittingly, to display their potency of their bite, they have brightly coloured palates and tongues. So that they can actively display how dangerous they really are to potential threats, without compromising their camouflage to their prey.

So there you have it. A venomous mammalian predator with no size restriction to the size of potential prey times. Hope you like it.


Field Trip

19 Mar

Screw you guys, I’m going to the coast for the weekend! Leaving in a couple of hours.
So there won’t be any proper posts, probably till Monday.
Enjoy your weekend


St Patricks Day from TYFYT

17 Mar

"Come back hear so I can beat ye wit' me cudgel!" He cried in an adorable accent.

See what really happened was a bunch of highly flexible got into St. Patricks brewery and got completely legless. St Patrick was angry, and chased them all out of the country. So every year we remember St Patrick and drink beer in remembrance to him. The end.

Have a good St Patricks day everyone!



13 Mar

pirate raygun
I won a one of Dr Grordborts rayguns in a raffle recently, much to my surprise and delight. It has however, raised some internal conflict.
Identifying strongly as a pirate, and owning a steampunk raygun before a flintlock.
I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate my Righteous Bison, I often boast the fact that on tight beam it can put a fist sized hole through 17 yards of chese, I’m just saying that I am in dire need of a flintlock.

I just need to finish doing my piratecore mod to my nerf maverick. Which will probably find its way up here once its done.


Mortui Vivos Docent

12 Mar

For those of you NOT playing at home. There is a statue on campus with the caption “Mortui Vivos Docent: let the dead teach the living” when Glenn and I stumbled upon this when looking for stuff around campus to work into the summer 2010 game of HvZ we figured we struck gold.
Above is what immediately popped into my head after reading the plaque.

Have a good weekend!


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