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Noone likes Poo

28 May

Mental popup that came to me in a lecture about ways of keeping an eye on genetic diversity within populations of endangered animals without trapping. One way was to collect their scats and extract DNA from them, that way you can tell that indivual X is still alive and he has been here. But with trapping  you get to play with the animals instead of playing with poo, noone likes poo.



The Many Uses For A Towel

25 May


Hope you had a good one


Colouring Competition May 2010

20 May

Colouring Competition

Its the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the SECOND occasional Thank You For Your Thyme colouring competition! Same as last time, all you have to do is take the above picture, colour it in as best you see fit too, and email it to I’m giving you three weeks to get your entries in, so the competition closes on the 10th of June, which should be more than ample.
The winner will be the one that does the best job, as last time, and shall have their wonderful rendition posted on this blog and boasting rights until next competition.
You can also click on the picture to get a slightly larger version. Not by much though mind.
Colour Away!


There is no saurus

18 May

Talking to one of my friends about crazy dinosaurs the other day and I brought up Theizinosaurus. He hadn’t heard of it before. He made a joke. I laughed.
Speaking of dinosaurs, the ANU Biological Society is having a Jurassic Park movie night on friday night. Facebook Event. Pizza and softdrink. $2 for members, $5 for non-members.
Thank the Noodly Lord for the K/T event


Speculative Biology Sunday: Gametoflight

16 May

The gametoflight is a curious little part of the aeroplankton. They are the highly modified gametophytes, of a currently undetermined species of fern.
After the spores are released from the fern they are carried into the skies by the winds, through which the float until they come across a rain event, or significant enough humidity to trigger the spore will “hatch” and grow rapidly to a size of approximately a millimetre or two across and forms a waxy cuticle.
Then most of the plant dies back, except for a small area inside the tip. Leaving a small plant protected inside a large structure that is more easily blown around by the wind. The only part of the plant projecting from this protective sheath are the root like rhizoids.
For the most part now the tiny plant sits in stasis, unless conditions are right. In which case it does what any other plant does, it photosynthesizes. Not having to grow though, all of its resources go towards reproducing.
Each individual produces both sperm and eggs. Sperm at the antheridium, and eggs at the archegonium. However they are never self fertilised. Any sperm that is produced, travel down one way channels to the rhizoids which are then blown out into the world by the winds which they live on. Any sperm from the outside world that lands on the rhizoids find the other channels which go up into the case to the archegonium. When an archegonium is fertilized, it hardens into a protective case around the fertilized egg and is ejected from the plant. Sometimes though, they get trapped inside the case and cannot grow into the sporophyte fern until the whole gametoflight finally falls back to earth.


Quick Query

13 May

Does anyone know what the hell these things are for?
I ask because I have nearly killed myself on them about three times now while rollerblading. The little bumpy ones in front of pedestrian crossings I get, but these ones just run along paths and try to kill me.
What the hell are they there for?



11 May

Playing the LeafGreen emulator in my spare time of late. Its definately more fun playing as the female character, as you can see.
Have a good day everyone!


What Gazelles Dream Of

10 May

Facebook hack conversations are the best. You kids are crazy.
I was going to post some speculative biology yesterday, but I decided to go to a music festival instead. The moo was thoroughly groven. Groven is a fun word, so it makes up for the bad grammar.
Have a good week everyone!
Stupid smudge tool.


Yet I Digress

6 May

Twas a dark noon as the churchbell rang out under blanketed skies. Crows wheeled overhead, singing out in cacophonous chorus. Thick fog rolled through the streets as the townsfolk danced with the red penguin of the moon.

Just Can’t Wait

5 May

"I just can't wait anymore"

If you say “I can’t wait for this new movie to come out” or “I can’t wait for the circus to come to town” you’re in a bit of strife, because you can’t actually do anything to make it come faster. If you are physically incapable of waiting, then you’re probably gonna have to top yourself.
This was actually a conversation that two of my friends had that decided should be made into a webcomic.
They can be found here and here. They both have pretty good blogs, give ’em a squizz.


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