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31 Jan

I was planning to start Speculative Biology Sunday today. I really was, I had all the best intentions to be doing just that.
Alas alack however, I have spent the day saying farewells to people and packing my few sorry bags in an effort to fly back to the nations capital to further my studies for another year.
And so, now I find myself without the thyme or energy to work out this post and do it justice.
So I’ve decided to start the forementioned event next week, and open it with a bang.

Entrys for the colouring competiton close at midnight, get your entries in while you can!



Butterflies: not messed up

30 Jan

“Butterflies: they’re not f***ed up” is actually a quote from clothes shopping with my lady, but I’d rather not use profanity in a post title.
This isn’t supposed to be a proper post, I’m just bored and need something to do.
Speaking of lepidoptera, why are people scared of moths? That always baffled me. Spiders, bees and snakes are full of venom, cockroaches and mice are full of disease, but moths just orbit lightbulbs and flutter annoying against windows.

Oh and tomorrow I am launching “Speculative Biology Sunday” which should stop my brain being haunted by green swimming leaf worms, herbivious land catfish and other such weird creatures. I dunno how consistently or long it will run. Probably till I run out of ideas, but we will see how we go.

Good work those of you have submitted your entries so far, all three of you. The rest of you, get your acts together!



28 Jan

slut roses

Plants are weird. They have to do everything animals do, except they can’t move around.
Could you imagine if people started reproducing using flowers instead of sex? That would be weird.
Club X would start selling blow-up hummingbirds, 13 year olds getting off to gardening magazines and apiarists would all become pimps.

Colouring Competiton Jan 2010

24 Jan

Colouring Competition

Welcome to the first occasional Thank You For Your Thyme colouring competition!
It’s pretty simple, but bare with me. Take the above picture, colour it in however you see fit, and email it back to me at before the end of the month. Entries close when sunday the 31st of January finishes, and the winner will be announced whenever I see fit on Febuary 1st.
Colour it in however you want. Pencils, crayons, ms paint, textas, photoshop, paint, food stains, whatever you see fit.
The winner will be the one who does the best job. Very objective, I know, but that makes it more interesting.
I will have a scoring system, but if I told you what it was, then you would know as much as me. I will say that extra points will go to the most original background setting thou.
The winner will have their entry posted on the blog for everyone to awe over.
Colour Away!


15 Bucks in Dead Mans Face

23 Jan

dead x markAn X mark always means treasure. ALWAYS!
“X-ray” is actually the name of the beam emitted by a futuristic energy weapon that fires TREASURE!

Oh and Thank You For Your Thyme is having a colouring competition next week. Hooray!
Hope all of you regulars get involved, I’m looking forward to looking through all three submissions. Dream big.
The picture which you will be colouring in will be avaliable on monday, and you will have a week to work on and submit them.
See you then!


A Punctual Look At: The Best of 2009

20 Jan

It was a pretty awesome year. At least I thought it was anyway.
Seeing that it hasn’t been 2009 for about 4 weeks now, I thought I might do a post about it. I’m always right on top of things like that.
Now I’m not going to tell you EVERYTHING that happened all year, that would be silly, and I’m too lazy to do that and I wouldn’t be able to remember half the stuff off the top of my head.
So I shall share my favourite 10 new things that came out of it, much like a friend from Tightrope to the Sun did while it was still 2009.
Fancy doing a review of a year before it was over properly. People are weird. Yet I digress.
Oh, and the only in the order that I thought of them. Which probably says something about how much each of them has stuck in my mind compared to the others, but not necessarily better than the other.
Oh and in the name of diplomacy (and because they had scissors), I have withdrawn people from the running.


little arrow head

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Now this show was by no means new to me before last year. I had caught it on the abc whenever I could when it was on, and thought it was a pretty cool show. Seen maybe a randomly scattered half of the first season, and a couple of the episodes from the early first season, and rather enjoyed them.
But this year a very good friend of mine gave me the entire three seasons of it.
I have watched each episode about a brazilian times each since.
I spent a serious chunk of last year watching Avatar, and I regret none of it, and thats why it makes the cut.
General Iroh is easily my favourite character, not just from Avatar, but from everything ever

general iroh



Sorry about the redundancy.
But yeah, Firefly. Never even heard of it before this yeah. But I really enjoyed it. Definately look into if you haven’t heard of it before, although I doubt anyone who reads this won’t have.
I think I need to get better at writing.


viva la juerga
Viva La Juerga

Diego’s Umbrellas second album. Easily the best album I own, let alone the best album in the known universe.
Found it on a wonderful little site called CdBaby.
Its upbeat, with quirky lyrics and melodies that will make you groove and dance no matter where you’re listening to it.
If you buy only one album this year, it probably won’t be this one, and that is bordering on a crime.


ANU and Unilodge

I’m noticing a theme with all the redundancy. This was poorly thought through.
Anyway, uni was heaps of fun last year. And hopefully this year is no different. Made bucketload of new friends. Phantasmagorical new friends.
Oh and learned some cool stuff too.
Like that if a cow had the metabolism of a mouse, it would spontaneously combust. Thats right, I pay attention to all the really important things in lectures.
Unilodge was great too. Fun place to live. Especially picking on it. Lots of zany characters.
Again, this year should be just as good, if not better.
Fingers crossed anyway.




Truely the sport of kings.
Did I say kings? I meant nerds.
So many nerds.
Seriously fun though.
If any of you reading this are going to anu this year and haven’t heard of it, or have but didn’t play, look into it. It is not worth missing out on. And if you do, you will see all us crazy nerds running around like madmen having an absolute blast and you will cry on the inside because you are not playing.
Oh and I was Australias first HvZ zombie.
Jealous? If so then I have a link for YOU!



The Areas of My Expertise

I figured I should probably have a book on this list. This little gem by John Hodgman would probably be the best thing that I read all year.
Essentially it is a whole heap of stuff this smartarse has dreamt up and decided to put in a book.
Which is definately my kinda read.
Definately look into it if your interests include hobo conspiracies.



Amazing little movie.
Touched me like a movie hasn’t in quite a while. I’ll show you where on this doll.
Go see it if you haven’t already.


speculative dinosaur project

The Speculative Dinosaur Project

Stumbled across this thing mid to late last year. It had me nerding out for weeks.
Essentially its a bunch of paleontologist that have put their collective heads and posed the question “What would the world look today if the K/T event hadn’t happened?” and then did their best to answer it.
Really got me into the whole speculative biology deal, which is heaps fun if you’re a evolutionary biology nerd like myself.
If you have any interest in such matters or dinosaurs you should have a peep at it.


fisherman pants
Fisherman Pants

Bought a pair very early on in the year, and I love them to death. Very comfortable. Very wonderful. Very superior to tracksuit pants. Fun to wear. All that jazz.
Actually have another pair of hippy pants now. They are quite swishy and entertain my small mind to no end.
I reckon hippies are pretty on the ball with their clothes.



Believe it or not, I had never had tea before last year.
Get offered it all the time at work, just never said yes.
Then one day when I was offered a cup at morning smoko I asked myself “Why not?” and in less than overnight I went from having never touched a drop in my life to drinking three cups a day. When I’m at work anyway.
Probably drink more this year than last year too.


Oh, and I’ll probably go back to normal posting now, if a little less often until I get this other project finished. I tend to work more when I have more to do, I hope, we’ll see how it goes


Captain Diggity’s Moustache

14 Jan

Something to keep you entertained.

“My wife, she called me ‘your moustache’ in bed”
When I grow up, I want to be a pirates charles.

Announcing an Intermission

9 Jan

Hey look! Whats that?
distraction“I’m sorry” said the automated message “Mitchell can’t get to the blog right now. He has been distracted by a side project. Guesstimates show that he will probably be back in about two weeks, and if its any longer than that, blame a combination of procrastination and bad guesstimations. There will still be new material up every so often, just not on the homepage. He aims at getting one up a day, so check regularly for updates. Now if you have any further questions, leave them after the tone.”

…and the tone never came.


Green Tube Worms

7 Jan

For those of you that aren’t aware, Kingdom Plantea don’t have the entire autotroph niche completely pinned down. I know, right. Shock horror!
There is a place, a far away place where few people have ever set foot. In fact, somewhere where noone has ever set foot. Deep in the briney… deep. There are worms, with the power of bacteria deep inside its trophosome that give it the amazing power of autotrophy!

Giant Tube Worms
So there is a critter out there that is in with a shot at giving the plants a run for their money. What if they could?

Green Tube Worm

Frankly the chances of this happening are next to none.

There are a couple Symbiosis as close as the symbiosis between the tube worms and the bacteria often mean that at least one of the organisms involved cannot survive. In this case it would be the worms that wouldn’t be able to survive. Their biology is intrinsically linked with that of their bacterial symbionts. In fact, the larval form of these worms won’t reach maturity until they are infected with the bacterial symbiont. During their maturity, they also lose their stomachs as well as a few other major organs.
And because they live on mid-ocean ridges. So you’d need quite a significant event to get any of these worms or their larva anywhere near a sea shallow enough to be suitable for these out of place little squirmy dudes. And if they did get there, they probably wouldn’t be able to deal with the mild temperatures, the relaxed pressure and amiable ocean chemistry.

So what basically, if we wanted them to come to the surface and give the plants a run for their money, we’d need to hand them over to a team of mad scientists with too much time on their hands.
If anyone knows anyone like that, can you put them on to it?

Oh also, look these little critters up if you found the idea of photosynthetic animals rather cool. These are fair dinkum too.

Elysia chlorotica


oh and the sequel to this post can be found here

…you’re NEVER too old

4 Jan

We have a new winner of the “Best Eavesdroplet Award

Let me spin you a yarn.

I was walking down the street and I spied two people coming the other way, towards me.
One of which looked to be a man of around 70 years of age, the other a young girl, probably somewhere around the 15 mark.
As they approached, I observed that the old man was talking to the young girl, in an almost lecturial manner, or was wrapped up in explaining something to her. Judging by the vacant look on her face, I would wager that she had nought but a sliver of interest in what he had to say. If any at all.
For the few seconds they were within earshot as I walked past I overhead the following.
“…yet charizard, at the same level, has higher…”

Thats all I heard, and all I needed too.
I hope you, the reader, find this as amusing as I do.


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