Colouring Competition August 2010: Look Ma, No Hands

26 Aug

That’s right kids, I’m naive enough to make have another crack at putting up another colouring competition despite the fact the last one was a complete flop with a total of zero entries.
This one though, has somewhat of a twist. You see, as the title suggests, I didn’t use my hands to draw the
picture below which you will all (hopefully) be colouring in. I know, I’m just that good.
The twist is, however that all entries must be coloured in with your non-dominant hand. That means left hand for righted handed people and vice versa. No cheating. If I suspect it of looking too nice and proper, then it won’t be counted.
Also, double points if you colour it in without using your hands and have evidence of doing so.

Click on the picture to get a larger version.

You can tell that I drew it with my face, can’t you.
Also, entries must be coloured in using pencils or textas or crayons or whatever. Colouring in using no hands on a computer would be too easy.
So print it off, colour it in, scan it and email it, as always, to Or if you can get it contact with me in person, then just hand your submission to me in person and I can scan it if it’s a winner.
Entries will close, hrmmm, on the 23rd of september. That gives you a whole month.



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