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Learning the Hard Way

27 Oct

One of my friends posted as her status “You can lead a horse to water/ but you can’t make it enjoy the view”
To which I replied “Yeah, I learned this the hard way.
Apparently it’s a Whitlams lyric and I am a smartarse.



Damn Elephant

27 Oct

He does look quite happy with his new balloon though. I wish I had a balloon.



26 Oct

Do it. It’s for art.

One of my uni friends is creating a piece of artwork made up of text messages.
These texts should be of the ‘lovey-dovey’, soppy or seedy nature.
She wants any messages, voicemail and photos that fit this category that you’ve received. Emails are also accepted.
Also, pass it on. Graffiti it onto coasters in pubs and stuff, that ought to get her some exceptionally seedy ones.

I couldn’t be bothered doing a proper post, this seemed easier.


Super Orbital Taurus

23 Oct

It’s funny because it’s a bull with superpowers with a gravitationally curved path around the earth and a ridge of bone above the eye socket.

Its a Super Orbital Taurus with a pronounced Supraorbital Torus.

Yeah, I’m good at funny.


Thinking Too Much About Sad Cats

21 Oct

Watching old VlogBrothers videos and thought I should share this with you. The VlogBrothers are awesome awesome people.


I see what you did there

20 Oct

The google machine made a funny.


Cooking is Fun

19 Oct

Blue food blows my mind. Especially when the blue tastes like pumpkin. Pumpkin isn’t mean to be blue.



Edit:  Holy crap, I didn’t know it could do that


Not Much

17 Oct

Just a quick one. I spent all weekend in Sydney and I am quite le tired. I have awesome op shop clothes as an upshot of the transpired events.




13 Oct



Blue Pasta

12 Oct

Food dye + Food = Win.
This is a pretty accurate depiction of the pigmentation of last nights dinner. It was spectacularly otherworldly.

BURMA!!! Sorry, I panicked.

I think I’m starting to get a little cabin fever from all this assessment work. Today has been so productive my brain aches. Maybe I should try dancing.


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