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A Moral Story

18 Feb



To a Tee

18 Feb

It is summed up.

More NPC’s that didn’t play.

1 Aug

Left to Right: Le keepeur d'shoppe, Postman, Kaplan Thornhill, Professor Moriartium and MadameMystique

Hooray for the mods! They did an awesome job running this game and it was heaps of fun for everyone. Also, all the humans died, the way it should be. Did this last game, so I thought I should do it again.
Apparently there was another NPC called The Pilot, but I didn’t find out about him till about 5 minutes after posting this. Let alone finishing it. So, sorry Jacob, but no go.


Puffincat is a mod mod mod

1 Aug

Long story short, the zombies got to use their nerf guns too. Soviet fair. Same for all. Same, same, sameEND

Holy crap, HvZ is over for another semester. It was pretty intense. /o\
I got five kills all up. I’m pretty happy with that. I don’t think I’ll be going to missions at all next game if it goes ahead. I enjoy the between classes part more, personally.

Oh and I fixed my laptop, because I’m just that good. So posting will return to whenever-I-feel-like-it based regularity.
Boomshanka  everyone!


Game 4, Tom Gleeson?

26 Jul

So it turns out that correlation IS causation. As already mentioned here, first kill this game was a Rudolf James Spennemann. I don’t actually know this person and I sincerely apologise for all of this if he is unhappy about me mentioning him here so much. I have had confirmed from two independent sources though, that he has red hair.
This is where I explain the picture of Tom Gleeson.
You see, the first game of HvZ I was an OZ and I got the first kill for the game. The person in question had red hair, I’m friends with him now, he’s a pretty cool guy.
Second game the first kill of the game was another of my friends, who sports long flowing locks of red edging towards strawberry blond hair.
Apparently Rudolf who was tagged last night also has red hair.

I think not.
Look  out for Tom Gleeson next game, he’s gonna get tagged pretty early on.

That’s all for now.

Kill #1

26 Jul

For those of you have been following my blog for a while you might have heard of this game called Humans vs Zombies, and there’s a link for those of you who haven’t. But yes, third game started midnight last night. First kill was at about 1 in the morning.

At the time of posting there has been 13 kills, making 15 zombies. Unless there are other OZs that haven’t made kills yet, which would be a little sad.

Also! Free BBQ for the ANU Biology Society on thursday. Considering that one of the people who run the biology society has already been turned, may I be the first to say IT’S A TRAP! Though I’ll probably be a zombie by then anyway, undead fun times!

Also, to everyone in pajenkas that didn’t want to come with me to look for a scanner, you’re a bunch of great girls blouses. To dangerous? The only zombies I saw were trying to get people coming out of the refectory. They didn’t even see me come out, and I am not hard to miss. Didn’t see a single bandana as soon I was out of sight of the zombies in Union Court. Nancies.

Good luck to all of you playing out there, you are the best kind of person!


The Cavalry!

20 Jul

Not actually a member of the cavalry this game. But if I didn’t make this joke soon then my brain would probably start leaking out of my ears. Which would be unpleasant for everyone involved. Especially for my microfauna, who would become homeless, and they’ve always been there for me. They deserve better.

Also, if you like a little steampunk to spice up your slaying of the undead then come join The Aviators! Because if I advertised The Cavalry but not my squad, well that would be kinda… that word I can’t think of. Yeah.

Pumped for HvZ next week. HA, more advertising. I’m not even getting paid and I’m already a sell out.


A Zombies Prayer

5 Jul

Oh Lord above,
Send down a dove,
With beak as sharp as razor,
To slit the throats,
Of them there blokes,
Who love nerf balls and raiders.



29 Jun

Hot mug of coffee! What is this? Portrayals of REAL people?
Also yes, it has been entrusted to me that bandana colour for next game will be yellow, as long as my sources can be trusted. Its not who you know, its what they know.
Also, don’t worry about me, I’ll just use this as an excuse, no reason to buy a new pirate shirt. Hooray!
I hope the mod team don’t have a problem with their likenesses. I thought I had a scoop, but after asking one of the mods whether or not it was ok to disclose this information about bandana colour I found out that this information had already been leaked making it only scoopish. Sigh, why am I always one step behind?
Hope you’re all looking forward to semester 2 as much as I am.


A very HvZ Easter

4 Apr

And we shall eat lots of chocolate so that we may have the quicker energy to run to the nearest building should he appear.

Happy easter, and a happy World Rat Day too!


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