Pirates of the Caribbean: The Deathly Hallows

22 May

But wait, it gets funnier because ron is spanish for rum. Multifaceted humour funtimes!
Wait… I think that makes it a pun…



Strange Tides Indeed

21 May

Alluding to stuff from PotC: On Stranger Tides, so if you haven’t seen it then fair warning.

When they’re in the boat waiting for the mermaids and the zombie guy’s all like “Sing. They like to hear the singing.”
I started singing this in my head and almost burst out laughing in the cinema.


21 May

The movie was pretty good too.
Liked it better than the third easily. Maybe more than the second as well.

The actual fountain of youth looked like a corporate water feature, which I found amusing.

I will…

13 May

I will apply for more jobs online.
I will start posting here more often.
I will start working on my art more often.
I will clean my room.
I will clean my car.
I will cook dinner more often.
I will clean out the fan in my laptop.
I will clean out the fan in the family computer.
I will restack the woodbox.
I will sort out my dirty washing.
I will unstack the dishwasher.
I will work on my art.
I will get in contact with people from my hometown while I’m down here.
I will reorganize everything in my car.
I will go shopping for mum’s birthday.
I will cook dinner more often.
I will clean the kitchen.

Go suck on a toad.
I’ve been sick for almost a week now.
I’ll do it when I don’t feel like a reanimated sack of crap.


Cross Promotional C***

12 May

Clickety click clack.


Beyond the Frame

6 May

I enjoying pretending speech bubbles from out of frame sources were ethereal and other-worldly.


Whoaaa!!!… for real??

6 May

So Aardman is doing a pirate movie.
As in Chicken Run or Wallace and Gromit’s Aardman.

Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Imelda Staunton, Brian Blessed and Brendan Gleeson.


Thought you ought to know.


Making Connections

2 May

So today, Osama Bin Laden has finally been brought to justice.
Also Australian lamb prices have exceeded our beef prices for the first time in Australian History.


…yeah, probably…


Good a Time as Any

2 May

So Animorph has officially been relaunched and Primeval is weeks away from its fifth season.
Perfect time for fanfic crossover funtimes?

I think so.
Proudly brought to you by Shit-I-Told-You-I-Would-Get-‘Round-To Productions.



1 May

Yeah, I’ll start posting more regularly again someday, I swear.
For some reason the internet at home really really doesn’t like uploading files.


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