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Richard Owen again

1 Jun

Dude who coined the term “Dinosaur” and was the trailblazer of using the occult to reanimate the fozzilised remains of long dead monsters.




Strange Tides Indeed

21 May

Alluding to stuff from PotC: On Stranger Tides, so if you haven’t seen it then fair warning.

When they’re in the boat waiting for the mermaids and the zombie guy’s all like “Sing. They like to hear the singing.”
I started singing this in my head and almost burst out laughing in the cinema.

Whoaaa!!!… for real??

6 May

So Aardman is doing a pirate movie.
As in Chicken Run or Wallace and Gromit’s Aardman.

Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Imelda Staunton, Brian Blessed and Brendan Gleeson.


Thought you ought to know.


Definitely NOT Dinosaurs

19 Mar

In a world where the layman thinks than any cool extinct reptile must inherently be a dinosaur, one shirt rises above the ignorance to bring hope those who have a pet peeve for this kind of ignorance. This is that shirt.

Quidditch FriendArt

13 Nov



Here’s a picture that I drew of myself playing Quidditch with two of my friends. I’m the one getting my face beaten in. Link Link. They are pretty cool.
I wanted to draw and I need to get better at drawing people doing stuff if Thyme & Tide is going to be as awesome as I want it to be.
Also, if it looks disjointed at all, it’s because it’s actually two pictures scanned separately and stitched together digitally. Oh the world we live in. Bonus points if you can guess who is the odd one out.
I may come back and colour this in later.


Duos Barba Rego Lemma Tortus

4 Nov

Last night a friend and I were talking about famous people and tattoos, and which famous people we would get tattooed on our person as a measure of how awesome we think they are.
For me it was clearly Charles Darwin and Edward Teach, so I quickly sketched up how I would get it done. The latin is taken from an online translator, so I don’t know how accurate it is. It’s supposed to say “Two Beards To Rule Them All” because they both had pretty awesome beards.
I may do up a better version at some point.
Also, holy crap you can see the lines from the book I draw in! Shock horror!


Microwaved Vloggers

10 Sep

I enjoy animating. It’s fun.
I’ve been watching vloggers for a while now, and I’ve decided that I am going to share my favourite five with you.
Ordered completely randomly.

Wheezy Waiter
He has a lot of in-jokes, but they get a lot more amusing the more you watch him. He updates almost daily, mostly mentioning random news articles that he can make fun of.

He makes music and stop motiony videos!

She is crazy and entertaining. She gesticulates a lot.

His accent is very easy to listen too and is outro is Stephen Fry saying how cool he is, which is like so cool. Occasionally he sings. He likes Doctor Who a lot.

Oh and the Vlog Brothers, also ridiculously awesome and cool and you would probably enjoy at least one of these if you find me amusing. Which you might not, in which case…


More Art means more Food right?

7 Aug

Apparently the last ones were so good, that some more were required. Hooray for being a gateway drug!

I reckon it’d be too hard to do… It’s meant to be one picture of a clean glassy pond, possibly with the cartoon man holding a big rock above his head about to throw it in, then the second picture would be the pond all rippled and scummy after he’s thrown in the rock…”



It was so hard to do that I got the magic art pixies to do it for me.


Oldest School

7 Aug

Yeah boi! Originally this was going to be Cambrian fauna, but these are easier to draw well and older. So win.

Clockwise from top: arbitrary cnidarian medusa (jellyfish), arbitrary porifera (sponge), Spriggina sp, Tribrachidium sp, Charnia sp, Dickinsonia sp.

See, I know stuff good.


I would Art for Food.

6 Aug

Holy crap! I got commissioned to do cartoons!
It was fun to do something different.

Pretty fun stuff! I’m being paid for my work in dinner and chocolates, which is all that is required for an impoverished uni student as myself.

I’m so cheap. Oh well.
Back to normal posts tomorrow.


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