Perspiring Spiders Aspire Higher

14 Jan

So next to the clothesline as I was hanging out the washing this evening, a spider was working parallel to me; a rather large spider was building a rather large web.
His anchor lines were attached to trees some eight metres apart, and weren’t very obviously; hanging majestically in midair.
As he laboured effortlessly he was coiling ever closer to that which was framed perfectly by his web, the moon. Very poetic and beautiful, but I couldn’t find a bloody camera so I took a mental picture so I could draw it later.

A sudden moment and an insect becomes trapped in his web, as it struggled it pounced, like a passionate lover; Distracted from a much grander goal by the instant gratifications of an opportunity falling into ones lap.

Rather human of a creature often depicted as the epitimy of evil and disgustingness.



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