Eat Fresh

8 Dec

God-damn mozzarella, what’s up with that?
Last night I went to the front to hear some great live tunes.
Mr Fibby was the opening act. Mr Fibby hail from the delightful eighteenth century, seaside village of Canberra. They are an 4 piece of violin, guitar, cello and insults who confuse and delight audiences with their enchantingly depressing faux-fairytales of love and death. They have been described as ‘volcanic’, ‘full of sound and fury’ and ‘ an inappropriate act to stage in Robertson, on a sunday afternoon, after a children’s dance performance’. They were delightfully entertaining and the schtick was wonderful.
Then for the Rapskallions. “Think Tom Waits in a torn tutu, singing Edith Piaf songs through a megaphone, backed by the Muppet show band, sailing the high seas on a Spanish galleon.” – Fingali Capaldi, singer, guitar, accordion. Fingali looks like the love child of Daniel Johns and Jack Sparrow and closed the show with In the Hall of the Mountain King on a ukulele-sized bouzouki. They’re as close as I’ve ever come to seeing a piratecore band live and were wonderfully energetic and kickarse, to the point where they were breaking their percussion. I danced and clapped till I had sweat in my eyes and blisters on my hands. I’m going to go see them again tonight at pheonix. I recommend you all come.
Rapskallion’s Website
Mr Fibby’s website



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