Placolepis budawangensis

22 Sep

Placolepis budawangensis was a freshwater Placoderm (armoured fish) from the middle to late Devonian. Based on fossils found near Braidwood in New South Wales.

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EMSC 2019: Marine Paleontology. One of my courses. One of my better courses.
Today we had a lab. We were given a whole butt-load* of fish fossils and casts and replicas** and we had to draw them, interpret them, annotate them and try to figure out how bits fit together and try and reconstruct it.
I had a pretty easy one and the couple of people I was working with and I snagged one of the better textbooks on the Devonian Placoderm fishes, which we could easily tell we were looking at. The 3 score plates of armour were somewhat of a giveaway to that.
With a little help from the textbook and my colleagues and the handout I did a complete reconstruction of the extinct Placolepis budawangensis, which was the specimen in our casts that I was focusing on.

Placolepis budawangensis was a placoderm fish belonging to the orderPhyllolepida. This order was made of flattened bottomfeeders with eyes often reduced or absent. They had a highly developed lateral line system and probably electroreception. They were a freshwater species and the rocks from which the fossils came were indicative of a lake being the depositional environment, though Placolepis probably would have done just as well in a river or stream system.

I was very pleased with my sketch that I did in the lab. So I decided to colour it in before I started studying in. Won’t take me long. Half an hour tops. It took me two and a half hours to produce what you see above. After posting this it will be three and a half. Stupid computer.



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