Microwaved Vloggers

10 Sep

I enjoy animating. It’s fun.
I’ve been watching vloggers for a while now, and I’ve decided that I am going to share my favourite five with you.
Ordered completely randomly.

Wheezy Waiter
He has a lot of in-jokes, but they get a lot more amusing the more you watch him. He updates almost daily, mostly mentioning random news articles that he can make fun of.

He makes music and stop motiony videos!

She is crazy and entertaining. She gesticulates a lot.

His accent is very easy to listen too and is outro is Stephen Fry saying how cool he is, which is like so cool. Occasionally he sings. He likes Doctor Who a lot.

Oh and the Vlog Brothers, also ridiculously awesome and cool and you would probably enjoy at least one of these if you find me amusing. Which you might not, in which case…



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