7 Sep

Oh no! The cryptozoologists have found him! Whatever will happen next?
Yeah, so 150 posts. Decided to do what I normally do when I hit a significant number and do a throwback to the Longneck in the Fridge.

Yeah, I’m exhausted. Exams and field trips and not sleeping properly last night doesn’t help.
Field trip was awesome though. It was for Marine Paleontology. Awesome course. I got an awesome bryozoan fossil too.

Also, I am giving up and getting a haircut. I know, shock horror. I’m going to dye it green to make up for the shortness though.
I decided to become a vegetarian last night too, but I don’t think I’ll do it properly. That’ll make the whole communal cooking thing even more laden with strife than it already is. I’ll go out of my way to not eat meat. I was only really doing it because we eat way more meat than one should, I’m a little sick of it, and I want to lose some weight.

I feel so drained, I’m gonna put off cleaning my room for another couple hours at least. Probably start working on some pirate jokes for next week. That’s right, it’s less than a fortnight till TLAPD. Awesome.



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