Christians Scanning Flags for Mondegreens

14 Aug

So today I went shit-stirring. Technical term, shit-stirring is being a smart arse to cause trouble, for those of you unfamiliar with the term.
Whole heap of fundamental christians rallied together on the top of Mount Ainsley to pray for a christian Prime Minister and just generally get together and look like nutjobs or something. Went with some friends and the Australian Sex Party to go stir shit. It was pretty fun.
They seemed to like flags, half of them being Australian flags. Some of the others were quite interesting. One had a flaming sword, which doesn’t seem very loving. A huge translucent white one, about the size of a bedsheet.
Then this one, which perplexed me.

I am? What? What are you? Are you not clear what you were and decided to leave it simply. Did the other guy with the “I THINK THEREFORE” flag forget to show up? Then the wind changed direction and I realised what the flag meant.

Hooray for Mai! From Avatar: The Last Airbender, which you should all know is the awesome. She would totally make a better Prime Minster. Though I think I will vote for Mr Pipik.
But yes, the flags. Probably my favourite was  the flag featuring Jesus, a Lion and a Lamb. Mostly because at first I thought it was Aslan, and then because I couldn’t shake the following image.

Lamb Chop, yeah. There were a few flags with lions on them. Would have been cooler if they had of brought a couple. Also I don’t like how Jesus is always portrayed, he always looks to clean. He was a hobo that lived in the desert for christ sake. Geddit? For christ sake, because he is christ. I made a funny.
Also, I scanned the above image with my brand spanking new Epson Perfection V33 Flatbed Scanner. Which is awesome, because now I can scan pictures whenever I want without having to go all the way into uni and gamble over whether any of them will be free or not ect. It also fits perfectly behind my laptop on my desk which is awesome.

1000 points for whoever posts a comment with the url for the webpage being displayed on my laptop.
Seriously though, how well does that fit there! Proof of a designer, at least of scanners anyway. Or maybe Epson, Hewlett-Packard and whatever dodgy place that unilodge got the desk are all working in tandem, purely to blow my mind. Also, everytime I go to say Epson, my brain goes to say Epsom because that’s where I lived till I was five.

Oh yes, and the mondegreen! Nearly forgot. A mondegreen is a misheard lyric, for those of you unfamiliar with the term. I was listening to this song, They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong by White Rabbits, and heard “And they don’t know, That they’ve been trolled.”
Not that you have or anything.



2 Responses to “Christians Scanning Flags for Mondegreens”

  1. MK August 14, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    Today was a particularly AWESOME day of AWESOME. Hooray for free T-shirts and Fundamentalist Christians! The Marriage Equality Rally was also quite win. We marched and chanted. Fun was had by all. Lessons were learned. Paths were blocked. All in all a most successful sort of day!

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