Cranidos, eat your heart out.

11 Aug

So for all of out there living under a rock, it turns out that Triceratops is just Torosaurus that hasn’t moved out of home yet.
Also, how do you get the internet enough to read this under your rock?
Turns out that dinosaur bones were plastic and changed shape, grew and shrank throughout their lifetime.
This means that a few different genera that had previously thought to have been completely different are just the same beast at different ages.
Triceratops is an immature Torosaurus.
Alioramus is an immature Tarbosaurus.
Homalocephale is an immature Prenocephale.
Dracorex and Stygimoloch are both immature forms of Pachycephalosaurus.
Links for all the people who don’t know their Thyreophora from Theropoda. Make sure to check out Homalocephale though, because the image wiki chose to represent it is quite freaky.

Think about this for a second though. These few select dinosaurus are organisms that change significantly throughout their lifetime, at certain points, and sometimes even twice. These different stages of their life are so different, that they even have different names.
Let that sink in for a second.
Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?

That’s right, they’re pretty much Pokemon.


Stygimoloch totally has the bad-ass angsty-teen middle evolution thing going on.



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