Game 4, Tom Gleeson?

26 Jul

So it turns out that correlation IS causation. As already mentioned here, first kill this game was a Rudolf James Spennemann. I don’t actually know this person and I sincerely apologise for all of this if he is unhappy about me mentioning him here so much. I have had confirmed from two independent sources though, that he has red hair.
This is where I explain the picture of Tom Gleeson.
You see, the first game of HvZ I was an OZ and I got the first kill for the game. The person in question had red hair, I’m friends with him now, he’s a pretty cool guy.
Second game the first kill of the game was another of my friends, who sports long flowing locks of red edging towards strawberry blond hair.
Apparently Rudolf who was tagged last night also has red hair.

I think not.
Look  out for Tom Gleeson next game, he’s gonna get tagged pretty early on.

That’s all for now.


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