Avatar Week: Sokka is Evil

12 Jul

Woah! What’s all this about Avatar Week?
Well a while ago (last year in fact) I found out that Avatar: The Last Airbender was being adapted to a film to be released this year. I was quite stoked, as I should have been. Looking forward to it as I should have. So much so that I was planning on doing a whole week of my single panel comicy things based on the series, to build hype for it or something. I’ve been saving up ideas for this for a while too.

However, after the film being released in the US a week and a half ago or something it quickly became apparent that Mr Shamalamadingdong completely f**ked it up. So a big “f**k you” to him.
I figured seeing how all the magic and intrigue has died, at least for me anyway, I might as well just have this Avatar Week early.
So I started drawing them up and penning them and such, and had them ready to be scanned at about 2 when I got distracted by nitrome games (bullethead in particular) and three hours later I still hadn’t left for the library to get them scanned. At twenty to 6 I arrive at the library to find it closed because of holiday hours and such. Stupid nitrome.

So tomorrow I will start with my avatar based comic thingies and for now I will enlighten you with evidence towards the argument that SOKKA IS SECRETLY EVIL! dun dun dunnnn. (make sure to check the mouse-over text too)

In conclusion: Evil Sokka is evil

P.S. I will probably be posting more than once a day during this week, because if I posted one of the ideas I have every day then Avatar Week would go for 11 days. Thats longer than a week.



2 Responses to “Avatar Week: Sokka is Evil”

  1. Leechman July 13, 2010 at 12:23 am #

    I scoff at the notion of an evil sokka! Idiotic? sure. Accident-prone? definitely. But not evil.

    Rebuttal to ‘evidence’:
    pictures: #1 – not angry, evil sokka, but annoyed sokka mid weird spasm thing.
    #2 – Not evil sokka, instead it is delusional, high sokka
    #3 – Not evil sokka, instead actually helpful sokka, preparing for assisting in the avatar’s training regime.
    #4 – Not evil sokka, but un-scary storytelling sokka
    #5 – Not evil sokka, instead it is actually protective, courageous hero sokka.

    Therefore, Sokka is not evil.


  2. El July 14, 2010 at 8:43 pm #


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