30 Mar

"Good afternoon, this is your captain speaking. My name is Patrick. Your cabin crew today are Leo, Simba and Elsa, who will be ready to eat you if you need anything during the flight."

The “LOL” written on the emergency is actually based on a true story. I was sitting next to the emergency exit door on a Q400 (i think) a small plane, about a 50 seater, propellors and everything, it was heaps cool. Anyway, the emergency exit door had “LoL” written on it in big red letters. Not grafitti or anything, stuck on with the same stuff that “emergency exit” was. It was great.
I was on the port side of the plane and the starboard emergency exit door had “LoR” written on it. For those of you playing at home.

This was actually inspired last year, and has been sitting in my sketchbook for a while. I’ve actually run out of pages in forementioned book. I’ll try and get some of the ones that I had previously given up on before I purchase a new one.
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