Learning Scribbles

25 Feb

Yeah, these are pretty much just mental popups from uni. As I am back at uni now. There are lots of mental popups at uni, its good.
I’m really busy at the moment, so not so many posts as I would like for a little while anyway. You’ll live.
Explaining the scribbles, left to right, working down: spoonerism that was mistakenly said, triceratops have 8 horns, the middle one was on a lecturers shirt and I am severly confused as to why an armed gibbon would need anyones help, rhino’s display broadsides to each other as a display of strenght to other males, and planes are superior to birds except they can’t land in trees.



One Response to “Learning Scribbles”

  1. Christopher Hagedorn February 26, 2010 at 9:48 pm #

    The rhinoceros with internally mounted cannons is just unfathomably brutal. I love it.

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