Green Tube Worms

7 Jan

For those of you that aren’t aware, Kingdom Plantea don’t have the entire autotroph niche completely pinned down. I know, right. Shock horror!
There is a place, a far away place where few people have ever set foot. In fact, somewhere where noone has ever set foot. Deep in the briney… deep. There are worms, with the power of bacteria deep inside its trophosome that give it the amazing power of autotrophy!

Giant Tube Worms
So there is a critter out there that is in with a shot at giving the plants a run for their money. What if they could?

Green Tube Worm

Frankly the chances of this happening are next to none.

There are a couple Symbiosis as close as the symbiosis between the tube worms and the bacteria often mean that at least one of the organisms involved cannot survive. In this case it would be the worms that wouldn’t be able to survive. Their biology is intrinsically linked with that of their bacterial symbionts. In fact, the larval form of these worms won’t reach maturity until they are infected with the bacterial symbiont. During their maturity, they also lose their stomachs as well as a few other major organs.
And because they live on mid-ocean ridges. So you’d need quite a significant event to get any of these worms or their larva anywhere near a sea shallow enough to be suitable for these out of place little squirmy dudes. And if they did get there, they probably wouldn’t be able to deal with the mild temperatures, the relaxed pressure and amiable ocean chemistry.

So what basically, if we wanted them to come to the surface and give the plants a run for their money, we’d need to hand them over to a team of mad scientists with too much time on their hands.
If anyone knows anyone like that, can you put them on to it?

Oh also, look these little critters up if you found the idea of photosynthetic animals rather cool. These are fair dinkum too.

Elysia chlorotica


oh and the sequel to this post can be found here


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