Long Odds Crab

30 Dec

Many a night was spent with the fire crackling merrily in the hearth and the griffinhound gnawing determinedly on bone both large and arbitrary on the stained, scorched and once luxurious rug. Smoke rings would float bouyantly around the room as the two old friends palavered idly from their grandiose armchairs, as they often did.
This night was like no other, and for no reason other than “as if felt like the kind of thing one would like to do with their time this eve” is being shared with you in the comforting glow of your monitor.
The door opened with a creak, and the dogs attention was instantly at it.
“Good evening Captain” exlaimed the Queen of Confetti, announcing her arrival. The dog went back to its bone.
“Ah Jessibel, Your Majesty, welcome. What news do you bring me this evening?” I enquired as Her Magesty took her seat and I relit my pipe.
“Not much worthy of note, I’m afraid. Although I do seem to be suffering from another mild migrane.” she replied, most regally.
“Oh? Sorry to hear it. Do you know what is behind it at all?”
“Haven’t the foggiest I’m afraid.” Jessibel divulged, “They have been becoming more frequent of late alarmingly enough.”
“Perchance some small malicious arthropod has been laying its eggs in your cerebrum as Her Magesty slumbers” I suggested, half in jest, yet was received all to realisitically.
“What you propose, Erasmus, is most alarming and all too possible. Assasins employ all manner of techniques nowadays, each more subtle than the last!” exclaimed the young Queen, as casual enough that one might think she was discussing anothers neural invasion.
“Oh ho!” I chortled refusing to take this seriously. “It would allow a bit of sporting fun in the court. They could wager as to what order of arthropoda the fertile formentioned belonged to!”
“Sounds like woefully macarbre fun!” asserted Jessibel, a sneer of disgust creeping across her face.
“Hrm yes, crustraceans would have rather long odds.”

Long Odds Crab


One Response to “Long Odds Crab”

  1. El January 2, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    *posh English regal voice* How amusing…

    : )

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