Zombie Ibis

23 Dec

In the spirit of christmas, I give you an undead waterbird

Zombie Ibis
The story behind which is as follows:

it was nearing the end of last summer
and there was a odd, rather rank smell appearing occasionally over the course of 2 days or so in the far shadehouse
it wasn’t there all the time
over the two days
nobody really gave it much attention cos we were all busy as fuck and it wasn’t that bad
third day ken brings in their dog to the nursery, as happened often in those days, most on whims
i was getting stuff out of the far igloo and i hear this crunching noise
i’m like “what the fuck is that?”
look under the benches to see what it is
its kens dog chewing on something under the benches at the far end
walk up the other end of the igloo
look under the bench
the dog had a dead ibis
quite a large one
and by the state of its decomposition
it was what the odour had been emenating from
hollywood couldn’t have more artisically zombishly decomposed this ibis
it was amazing
its tattered feathers were smeared with mud
the bottom half of its beak was broken
it was great
we buried it in the riplines
it came back every lunchtime begging for scraps for the next three weeks


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